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Gold Coast Guitar Workshop

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Workshops

Burleigh Heads

Opening Hours

*Beginner Guitar Workshops 

(Min 2 People, Max 6 People)

First Saturday Of The Month

11am - 1pm

*Blues / Intermediate Guitar Workshops 

(Min 2 People, Max 6 People)

Last Saturday Of The Month

11am - 1:30pm

*Slide Guitar Workshops 

(Min 2 People, Max 6 People)

Second Saturday Of The Month

11am - 1pm


Come and meet some cool, likeminded people, learn some cool stuff and just have fun playing your guitar.

Class sizes are between 2 & 6 students.

Small class sizes allow students to get to know each other, ensure less disruption & allow more time for instruction. 

Please Note: Bookings Are Essential

50% Non Refundable Deposit required upon booking

Acc Name: Mark Anderson
BSB: 923100
Acc: 65332645

Beginner: $50 for 2 hour Beginner Workshop

Intermediate: $60 for 2.5 hour Blues Workshop

Slide Guitar: $50 for 2 hour Workshop

1 on 1 Lessons $65 ph. Mon - Thur  3 - 7pm

String Change: $30 (incl. New Strings)

What you will learn

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 12.07.15

Beginner Guitar Workshop

Learn in an inclusive, positive and encouraging atmosphere. Designed for absolute beginners. No prior guitar knowledge is needed or expected. Learn strum patterns and basic open chords to get you started on your way to learning songs.  

Think Axis Of Awesome.

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 12.05.14

Blues / Intermediate Guitar Workshop

  • 1 - 2 years of guitar practice is assumed

  • Name ALL the notes on the fretboard

  • The CAGED system

  • Solo In Any Key

  • Cool Riffs & Licks

  • How to "spell" chords

  • Scales and chord shapes along the fretboard

  • Lead improvisation

  • Major, Minor & 7th Chords

  • Major, Minor & Pentatonic Scale Intervals

  • Circle Of Fifths explained

  • The Mystery of Modes

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 12.00.27

Slide Guitar Workshop

At least 1-2 years of guitar practice is assumed.

There is a strong tradition in using slide guitar for playing blues music. Slide guitar is an important addition to any blues guitar players repertoire. Learn open string tunings, slide techniques and some cool slide licks.

Also learn songs by Son House, Elmore James and more. 

I play mainly acoustic guitar. Mark's workshop has really helped me understand the fretboard and learn some lead guitar.. Never too old.

 I enjoyed the guitar workshop. Mark was fantastic covering the very basic training through to advanced. covering all aspects of the guitar. He patiently teaches areas that I was stumbling with

Great environment for learning

Ray Taylor, 65

Brett Greene, 55

Get in Touch
Get in Touch

With Mark's lessons, I have progressed more in 6 weeks than I had in the past 12 months trying to learn online myself. I now have a renewed passion to play every day.

I've been receiving lessons off Mark, great guy even better teacher! Really helped me improve my guitar skills, filling many gaps with the fundamentals of theoretical knowledge and has helped me create a map on my guitar. He is getting me to the next level!

Jason Skinner, 42

Alex Simpson, 25

Get in Touch
Get in Touch

I really enjoyed the Blues Workshops on Saturdays. I have been to two now and they are great!

I highly recommend Mark's Workshop. The session was enjoyable, interactive, and informative. I picked up some new skills and got to enjoy music with like-minded people. I will definitely be back.

Michael Schaefer, 32

Sandi Cupovic, 50

Get in Touch
Get in Touch

Highly Recommended!! Had lots of "AHA" moments. Learnt about circle of 5ths, triads, solo in any key and how to find any note on the fretboard. Anyone wanting to better yourself at guitar, go to this guy.. legend.

Hi Mark, just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. Really sped the process up for me. I've been tinkering for ages and not really getting anywhere. I've been on the CAGED system for about 2 1/2  hours today & loving it! Can't wait to get more stuck into it. So thanks heaps. I can see myself getting somewhere now.

 Christian Andersen 40

Jim Bourne

Get in Touch
Get in Touch

I attended one of Mark's Slide Guitar Workshops and found it really fun and helpful. Learnt some great slide licks and song bases that I have been playing around with at home a lot, Mark is very knowledgeable on all things blues guitar and has a very calm and patient teaching style. I would highly recommend this workshop for anybody looking to add slide guitar to their repitoire. Thanks again Mark!

I took a lot from and really enjoyed the guitar workshop. I’ve been playing for 10 years but feel like I’ve experienced a lot of plateaus in my progress along the way. This was just what I needed to get out of that rut! I learned a lot and having Mark there to fill in the blanks and answer all of my questions was just what I needed to finally get my head around soloing and improvising.
I’d highly recommend this course!

Shannon Duff 35

Max O'Niell 26

Get in Touch
Get in Touch

A Bit About Me

A Patient, Passionate & Dedicated Guitar Teacher

I love what I do and it makes me so happy to be able to share my passion with others.

Since starting as a Guitar Teacher in 2012, I’ve been privileged to see so many students, from prep to retirees, discover their natural skills and abilities, and reach results they never dreamed were possible.

Whether you want to play a few songs around the house or take to the stage, I can get you there. 

If that sounds like something you’d like to explore, get in touch.

Acoustic Or Electric Guitar.

I have been playing guitar over 20 years and have played in predominately rock bands, supporting Aussie bands The Screaming Jets, Grinspoon, Hoodoo Gurus and Mental As Anything.

In recent years I have been heavily into blues guitar, playing with my Blues Duo, AlphaStomp, and have played at festivals including Blues On Broadbeach in 2019, 2021, 2023, feature artist at the 2019 Gulgong Folk & Blues Fest. Headline show at HOTA & The Gold Coast Show. I've also played shows in the USA in 2010, 2011 & 2016, and Europe in 2018, 2022 & 2023.

I don’t believe money should stand in the way of learning, which is why I’m proud to offer workshops at affordable prices.

To find out more about my background, classes & approach or to book your workshop, please get in touch.

Holder of Working With Children Blue Card





238 The Esplanade, Burleigh Heads

+61 438 155 142

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